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SUBLIME OASIS A site that exists only with reference to timeThe city of London can be considered as the world’s largest urban forest with 8 millions of trees. More than 13.000 species -including humans-, inhabit 3.000 parks, 30.000 allotments, 3 million of gardens and 2 National Nature Reserves. Green space in Central London covers 47% of its area. A wide variety of wildlife inhabits London because it contains a great mixture of different ecological conditions. Tall buildings, abundant food sources and a lack of predators make London a natural habitat for many birds and animals .It is heartbreaking, if not obscene to have to imagine here, a city (Rem Koolhaas, SMLXL, 1995)'Nature' is simply another 18th and 19th century fiction (Robert Smithson, 1968)London is known as a green city. Its urban fabric includes a powerful network of green spaces that coexists togeth-er with the built landscape. Parks, woodlands, wetlands, gardens, groves, brownfield sites, and other semi-natural habitats and areas reclaimed by nature. We will act in these -apparently untouchable and overprotected- urban environments. We are interested in the double condition -manufactured and natural- of these environments with its own cycles of generation and decay. We will focus on the ecological interest of these urban sites, specially those areas of interaction among -human and no human- ecosystems (ecotones) where intensity of components is maximum. ESCENARIO II. OASIS IN-TRANSIT A population that exists only with reference to timeSurfers stays in the same (summer) place by moving in sequence with climatic progression, in order to stay in the same temperature year round (an endless summer). Offshore havens facilitate a new form of cartographical exper-tise to locate funds in legal subsidiaries by an ingenious planning of migration routes for funds. Retirees, workers tied to seasonal tourism or people suffering from seasonal affective disorder avoid cold temperatures of northern winter and invade Mediterranean Area. Avoiding citizenship, Perpetual Travellers pass through different countries fast enough that they don’t become legal resident status so no have legal obligations.Even the most striated city gives rise to smooth spaces: to live in the city as a nomad, or as a cave dweller (G. Deleuze & F. Guattari, 1987)A new social creature emerges from this global and increasily mobile world. London is constantly reshaped by new waves and changing tides of human migrants. The city is a valuable pit-stop for this rolling citizens that re-shape culture because of its mobility.With the scale, the accessibility and the immediacy of contemporary global displacements, we have developed a more “liquid” relationship with places and people. We live in constant flux and we inhabit a global flow. Our identity is not defined through an own place or an own stuff, but we live on the go and we have fewer belongings and more sharing. Our relationship to time, to place and to other people is different. Environment provides us with what we need, and no matter where we are we can create our own “emotional space” without any place restriction. They have been called nomads, migrants, travellers, neo-Bedouins, Snowbirds, Digital nomads, Urban Campers, Expatri-ates, Third Culture Kids, Perpetual Travellers, etc. but this concept needs to be update in terms of current (hyper)-connectivity. SUBLIME OASIS IN-TRANSIT IN-TRANSIT SUBLIMEOASIS SUBLIMEOASISINTRANSIT.COM is an interactive documentary: an interface that provides an in-depth tour through the work produced by Unit 2 during the Summer School 2016 at the Architectural Association, London. This is an Academic collective construction -“Sublime Oasis In-transit”-, in the way of a complex system of individual events that are infrastructurally assem-bled, pursuing that hypermedia transgresses the logical boundaries of physical space/time/frame. This Hyper-Diorama is a visual masterpiece between the fictional and the distilled real fragments of our cabinets; an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide . Horizon and scale are multiple, manipulating frame and disrupting linear sequence.By including texts, images and even videos, this Hyper-Media tool* establishes a systematical and interconnective articulation of those projective and architec-tural moments developed during the course, together with an encyclopaedic collection of (extraordinary) data that attempt to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the (selected) world. This is both an operative and accumulative tool, an ideological as well as technical construction. * This Hyper-Media Tool is part of the research developed by Diego Iglesias & Cristóbal Baños named “HyperTokyo” as a Final Thesis Project at Polytechnical University of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM).

Model 1.5 meters x 0.6/1.2 meters.
The model has an anamoprhic distortion in order to correct the perspective
for a camera settled 1.8 meters far and 1.65 meters high with a 12 degrees inclination.

Please rotate your device